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(2018) "Open 3D Viewer"

ReactJS/Redux demonstration

Status: this is a hobby app and test ground for CSS theories, so I update this project when I have something new to share.

About: UI/UX/Social examples. Written from create-react-app npm package.

Tech: ReactJS, Redux, ES6 Fetch, Proxies (AWS Gateway), Bootstrap

(2017) "Flight Search"

C# .NET ReactJS Redux Boilerplate

Status: moderately actively updating

About: My first .NET Core app, expanded from an original boilerplate that Microsoft discontinued.

Tech: C#, ASP.NET Core 2.1, ReactJS/Redux, Webpack, Model/Controller examples using .csv import of data.

Design samples from ongoing freelancing projects


Project Sandy (2016)

Open Source HTML5 Network Streaming TV DVR

Status: retired, no further updates

About: Multicast live TV via Open Broadcast Software or HDHomerun Prime Cable TV, to RTMP server, to multicast live video feeds to local wifi devices.

Tech: Basic file-saving functionality in bash shell scripts. From-scratch PHP/HTML/JS to render video player.

SLUG (2017)

Service Levels Under Guest

Run server-side bash scripts from custom-made URLs configured in JSON

Status: retired, but still still actively using

About: A simple RESTful PHP app that traverses a JSON config object in its controller, to determine if a specific server command should be executed.

Tech: JSON, PHP, and a test bash script which pulls in data from the Star Wars Wiki.

RAMP (2017)

React Apache MySql PHP Development Environment

Status: retired, may pick up later

About: Get up and going quickly with Propel ORM for MySQL and React for the frontend.

React, Apache, MySQL, Propel

Content Management (CMS)

(2018) Wordpress: Evil Kitteh Studios

Homepage in WordPress. Includes Web 2.0 features such as HTTP2, notifications and manifest file.

In Progress

  • This is active client work and had its first iterative release in mid-September 2018. Client is a local independent artist.
  • Very early stage of work, but includes svg art I made using sketches provided by client.

(2018) Wordpress: Shocked & Applaud Podcast

Homepage for Arts/Entertainment Podcast

In Progress

  • This is active client work for a Podcast I began audio producing for a client.
  • Includes original SVG art, an original score, and close-of-episode messages from myself.

(2017) Wordpress: BiStorm Bugle

Blog for my retired organization

  • Theme work for the Bugle was extended from the Oblique theme.
  • The blog is Dockerized and available to the FOSS commuinity on GitHub.

(2016) Drupal 7: Sound Christian Fellowship

Retired Church, Podcasting

  • Theme work to add Podcast content type, iTunes feed, etc.
  • Site owned by myself for SCF as my home church 2006 - 2016.
Work History

Work History

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